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We are moving to a new site. CoreControl is still available. The price in the US and Canada is $995.
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World Cup Soccer Team
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What would you like to do?

Elevated core body temperature is a problem for many, including athletes, industrial workers, miners and soldiers. Emergency medical responders and physicians are often overwhelmed by heat stress incidents. Anyone regularly subjected to exertion in sweltering conditions knows what heat can do to performance.

  • Cool rapidly & effectively from the body core out
  • Work longer in extreme environments
  • Maximize your athletic performance

The Future of Exercise?

The rapid thermal exchange device, nicknamed The Glove creates a vacuum to draw blood to the surface of the palms. Cold circulating water cools the blood, which returns to the heart and rapidly lowers the body's core temperature.

* This is not a medical device. CoreControl is intended to augment natural cooling in a healthy body.

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